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Who We Are

The Bonnie Brae PTO is an organization of parents, school staff, and community members focused on improving and fostering a strong and nurturing school community.


Bonnie Brae PTO Mission Statement

To support the education of children at Bonnie Brae Elementary School by fostering relationships between and among the school, parents, teachers and the community.

Our Goal

To provide opportunities for students that complement the Bonnie Brae curriculum and promote and support learning in areas of development both social and academic. 

To support the endeavors of our faculty members and further the success of the Bonnie Brae community. 

Students Building Windmill
At the Library

Our Commitment

We invite families to participate in activities and to support the Bonnie Brae community through volunteering and fundraising. It is through fundraising that we are able to hold assemblies, festivals, support field trip transportation and many other activities. As all families are different, we respect the diversity of our school, and offer activities and opportunities to all members of our community. 

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